Our Back Story…

The principal partners of Pendulum Land Services each gained valuable expertise in the right-of-way industry by cleaning up messes after they were already made. As subcontractors working for others, they litigated, researched, cajoled, solved and innovated solutions after the problems arose and the crisis had set in and frequently after significant damage was done. They repeatedly heard complaints from agencies over cost uncertainty, project delays, stress and bad publicity… and they took notice.

They separately concluded that it did not have to be this way. So the principals of Pendulum have designed systems to identify and either solve or avert costly problems early in the right-of-way process. It is their mission to protect clients from cost uncertainty, project delays, stress, and bad publicity. Each of them has developed distinctive skills throughout their right-of-way careers which provide unique benefits to Pendulum clients.

As a career right-of-way professional and president of a relocation company based in Texas, Pendulum CEO Kristen Short (Bennett) has managed over a thousand successful relocations. Her clients call her to handle the most complex relocation issues. She has experience relocating cell towers, concrete batch plants, medical manufacturing facilities, section 8 housing tenants, strip malls, apartment complexes, hotels, storage facilities, automotive businesses, junk yards, heavy industrial businesses, hazardous materials, outdoor advertising signs, gas stations and restaurants, among others. Kristen is also experienced in title analysis, negotiations, and mapping.

Carrilin Hirsch has managed the production of hundreds of title reports, closings, and voluntary acquisitions on numerous right-of-way projects. She knows what it takes to keep all vital aspects of your project moving from start to finish. Carrilin does not stop until the project is done, properly. She brings her skills to bear here, along with Kristen Short (Bennett), as the management team of Pendulum Land Services.

Dave Arnold has litigated nearly four hundred eminent domain cases to conclusion. He has conducted numerous jury trials, bench trials, mediations, and have argued countless motions on a variety of right-of-way disputes. His extensive experience resolving right-of-way issues through the court system affords him invaluable insight into how matters can become costly if they are left to the courts, as opposed to being proactively addressed early in the right-of-way process. Moreover, he has represented agencies in administrative relocation appeals, litigated complex relocation issues in state and federal courts and have defended numerous inverse condemnation claims.

Pendulum Land Services offers the following right-of-way services to its clients:

Project Management

Condemnation Mitigation


Appraisal Services



Relocation Assistance Services

Relocation Planning

Condemnation Support