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Kristen Short (Bennett)

SR/WA, R/W-RAC, President/CEO

Kristen Short (Bennett) orchestrates successful results for Pendulum clients. Kristen has established herself as a relocation expert where she has pioneered and mastered the best practices within that specialty. She approaches each project like a puzzle and works tirelessly until every piece fits into place, no matter how complicated the picture. Her executive presence inspires cooperation and collaboration at every stage of a project which results in a sense of joint accomplishment. Kristen remains busy in the IRWA, at both the local and international levels, and is regularly invited to speak on complex relocation issues. Kristen was recently named the 2021 recipient of the Frank C. Balfour award, which is the IRWA’s most prestigious honor. Kristen also received the IRWA W. Howard Armstrong Instructor of the Year award in 2020 and was named the IRWA Region 2 Professional of the Year for 2021. With a Master’s degree in music, Kristen was once a professional opera singer. Now, when not solving Pendulum’s puzzles, she can be found at her daughters’ volleyball games or sipping some fine Kentucky bourbon.

Carrilin Hirsch

Carrilin Hirsch

SR/WA, Vice President

Carrilin Hirsch meets deadlines and exceeds expectations. She brings soul, drive, and efficiency to every project she faces. Deep in the trenches of a project, encountering adversity from all angles, you need superior logistics and strong morale to keep moving towards the finish line. Carrilin provides both with an uncanny ability to stay on top of entire projects at one time, while keeping client and landowner happiness top of mind. Her talents stem from extensive experience administrating fast-paced work environments, complex litigation portfolios, and high volumes of titles and closings. Pendulum clients enjoy the added benefit of her experience as a certified title examiner. She is currently the President of IRWA Chapter 52 and holds the SR/WA designation from the International Right of Way Association. Carrilin takes pride in her family. When she is not marshaling our forces on right-of-way projects, you can find her tirelessly volunteering at her church or moving an enormous volume of cookies through her involvement with the Girls Scouts, all while maintaining her extraordinarily sunny disposition.

Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold, Esq.

SR/WA, Vice President

Dave Arnold solves problems before they arise. An innovator and thought leader by nature, Dave has the ability to identify and address obstacles that may otherwise remain unnoticed until they become a crisis. He then creates a reasonable path forward to resolution. Dave has extensive experience as a trial lawyer in complex eminent domain matters and has served as lead counsel on numerous right-of-way projects for state agencies, municipalities, and utilities. Where others are complacent, Dave is conscientious and proactive. Dave serves as General Counsel to the International Right of Way Association and is a past President of IRWA Chapter 52. He has earned the prestigious SR/WA designation and is a CLIMB-Certified Instructor. Dave earned his law degree from the College of William and Mary in 1992 and his undergraduate degree from University of Virginia in 1989 and serves on the board of the Southeastern Public Service Authority. In what free time he has, Dave can be often found on calm waters listening to Pearl Jam and attempting to catch a fish or two.


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