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Texas Power Grid Crisis! No Power for Days in Single Digit Temperatures! How Did Infrastructure Fail?

In February 2021, Winter Storm Uri plunged temperatures in the state of Texas to historic lows for nearly a week and neither the state’s infrastructure nor the power grid was prepared for this event. Texas energy litigation attorney Chrysta Castañeda joins the podcast to explain how the Lone Star State’s insistence on being on its own power grid contributed to this tragedy, the devastating effects of the storm and why it could happen again. Citizens died, homes were destroyed, insurance losses rivaled those of Hurricane Harvey and the overall cost of this catastrophe may top $200 billion. This may not be an eminent domain discussion, but it is certainly a right of way infrastructure issue that we will all learn from.

Special thanks to this episode’s co-sponsor, State Farm Insurance agent Bryan Rheay for making this episode possible. Bryan serves citizens and businesses throughout the great state of Texas for all of their insurance needs and is there for his clients when they are victimized by events beyond their control….like Winter Storm Uri.