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Eminent Domain Appraisals: REVENGE OF THE APPRAISERS!!!

Is eminent domain appraisal methodology nothing more than “chicken sacrificing voodoo”?  Do appraisers really use an Ouija board to determine values in complex appraisals?  (Yes.)  And must appraisers keep their Ouija boards in their work files??? (No.) Superhero appraisers David Burgoyne, Brian O’Neill and Christina Thoreson take over the Pendulum Land Podcast to set the record straight, and Ross Greene valiantly defends his statements from a controversial prior episode.

In this riveting episode exclusively sponsored by National Right of Way Review Appraisal, find out whether appraisers are beholden to those paying their fees, whether the various appraisal methodologies can be manipulated, and ARE THEY??  But even more importantly, since this is “REVENGE OF THE APPRAISERS”, what is the best revenge movie of all time? And how did David Burgoyne and Brian O’Neill fare during “Cross Examination With Dave”? Finally, tune for David’s reverse movie and music quiz for your hosts!