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August 2021

Eminent Domain Appraisals: REVENGE OF THE APPRAISERS!!!

Is eminent domain appraisal methodology nothing more than “chicken sacrificing voodoo”?  Do appraisers really use an Ouija board to determine values in complex appraisals?  (Yes.)  And must appraisers keep their Ouija boards in their work files??? (No.) Superhero appraisers David Burgoyne, Brian O’Neill and Christina Thoreson take over the Pendulum… There's MoreEminent Domain Appraisals: REVENGE OF THE APPRAISERS!!!

Podcast Movement ‘21 Intermezzo – a Check in With Your Hosts!

Hey, Infrastructure Junkies!  Dave and Kristen are attending the Podcast Movement ’21 convention in Nashville, and want to introduce you to their newfound friend, Tish!  Check them out in this lighthearted intermezzo!!!